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Solihull Local Plan – Draft Submission Plan

This link will give you access to the local plan, the concept master plans and a guide on how to submit comments

To see the plans for sites in Catherine de Barnes Ward go to the Concept Master Plans page 66 for Oak Farm (HA2) and page 88 for SO1 (east of Solihull).


You can read the final submission from HPC and the Residents' Assocation here

Guidelines:  If you wish to make your own representation to the local plan, here are a few pointers on the various grounds you could use to object. Unfortunately, it might take a little reading for you to put them into your own words but trust that these comments will help you along the path.

We object to site SO1, East of Solihull being included in the Solihull Local Plan Review 2020 for the following reasons: -

1.The proposal is unsound as it cannot be reconciled with SMBC’s previously determined position that development on the site (or components of the site) would impact on the openness of the green belt and would threaten coalescence between settlements,  

(These conclusions were reached on various components of the site in SHLAA  2012,  refer to Appendix B in the response for detailed examples)

2.The development is not consistent with the objective referred to in Challenge E of the Local Plan – ‘Protecting key gaps between urban areas and settlements’ – (see page 3 of the response and visit SLP Document Page 17 )

3. We consider the plan to be undeliverable as it stands because the current infrastructure does not support a development of this size and current development plans for land on Damson Parkway in particular, will result in significant traffic issues which have not been taken into account. (Local schools /doctors’ surgeries at capacity)

4.We can find no evidence of a Traffic Impact Assessment for the period of the Plan and specifically for the allocated site SO1. (There are significant current and future developments on Damson Parkway: A Household Waste and Recycling Centre (page 108 in the Plan) could potentially be placed on Damson parkway.  Plus the current JLR logistics centre being built and other developments are planned under Policy UK2 (ref page 224 in the Plan).

5.We can see no justifiable reasons for releasing this quality agricultural land from the Greenbelt    (Solihull’s own ecological assessment in 2019  recognises that Ecological Constraints Equate to 45.3% of the Total Area which has  Veteran & Notable Trees ,Mature/Ancient and/or Historic Hedgerows. For details go to , box top right-hand side -click on Evidence base, then click Ecological Assessments then SO1 Updated Ecological  Assessment)

HA2 : We object to the allocation of site HA2 for 95 dwellings on the grounds that Solihull MBC previously determined that the site was NOT suitable for family housing and as there has been no improvements to the local infrastructure or facilities we can find no evidence to support their change of stance. However, we could support a care facility



Thank you to all the residents who who sent us their names in support of our objections to the Local Plan.


The submission from Hampton Parish Council and Catherine de Barnes Residents' Association was sent in to SMBC before the deadline in December 2020 with the list of 152 residents who supported us.


We will put updates on this page as and when we hear about the next stage of the process.